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Mr. Dang Ngoc Minh – Deputy Director of the General Department of Taxation possesses 30 years of experience in the field of Finance, having undertaken various positions across his career, as well as representing the Ministry of Finance in the Vietnamese delegation to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland; and involved himself in the negotiation and implementation process of fiscal and financial commitments between Viet Nam and the WTO. He is a representative of Vietnam in the WTO and a commissioner at the UN Tax Committee.
As the Deputy General Director of General Department of Taxation, Mr. Dang Ngoc Minh has been at the forefront of addressing affairs concerning Information Technology and matters involving the implementation of e-Invoices; providing tax management for small to medium companies, household businesses and entrepreneurs; as well as resolving complaint fillings.
Mr. Dang Ngoc Minh has directly overseen the development and adoption of the Etax service system, which has been integrated into the National Public Service Portal to provide online services for the general population and businesses, as well as implementing online payment for financial obligations regarding land rights. Furthermore, he spearheaded the deployment of electronic tax services on mobile platforms (eTax Mobile) and the introduction of the Information Portal to foreign providers with no permanent office in Viet Nam for tax declaration and payment. He can also be credited with operations such as stimulus programs and the Ecommerce Information Portal.


Digital Transformation Orientation of the Tax Industry to 2025, Vision to 2030


After over 30 years, the fiscal IT system has developed into a comprehensive service, actively contributing to the modernization and advancement of the taxation sector.
In accordance with the National Digital Transformation Program through 2025, with orientations towards 2030 of the Vietnamese government, the General Department of Taxation has focused on developing the necessary infrastructure and providing e-Tax services with people-centric approach. The department’s noteworthy achievements include the nationwide implementation of e-Tax declaration, payment, and Tax Rebate services, as well as e-Invoices; the complete deployment of the 3rd and 4th level online public services and the integration of 97 services into the National Public Service Portal. Furthermore, the department has provided 479 information portals for taxpayers; introduced a web portal for foreign suppliers; incorporated their information into the National Population Database; inaugurated stimulus programs, and introduced the e-commerce database portal.
During the 2022-2025 phase, with the vision to 2030, the General Department of Taxation will continue to provide e-Tax services and data for the sake of taxpayers, contributing to Vietnam’s effort to streamline tax procedures, which involves promoting e-Invoice on point-of-sale system; Creating the invoice database; Building a centralized tax management system, combined with restructuring of professional affairs and e-Tax services provision. Additionally, the General Department of Taxation will devise solutions for administrating domestic e-commerce activities and provide cross-border digital services; Establish a management platform for financial data and smart tax services, and Implementing technology infrastructure and Ensuring cyber security for digital transformation.