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Mr. Le Viet Thanh is Data Analytics Expert with over 12 years of experience in the field of data architecture building, Big Data ecosystem and solution strategy development. At FPT, he is the top solution architect who orientates company technology. Some technology certificates obtained can be name here, such as: Microsoft MCSE, Oracle OCA, IBM Big Data Engineer, Amazon AWS-SA Pro, Azure Data Scientist, IASA Certified IT Architect (CITA-F).
Previously, he occupied a crucial role in consulting, building comprehensive architecture and implementing Data Warehouse System for General Department of Taxation; The Statistics Portal for General Statistics Office of Vietnam; The data processing system for National Credit Information Center…. Besides, he also took part in a number of global projects for National Australia Bank, Singapore Exchange, and Big Data system for Vietnamese banks.


Building Digital Finance Platform based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


In recent years, when the organizations have started developing a comprehensive strategy, vision and action plans, a high priority was given to data management. Data can be seen as an extremely valuable asset that needs to be centrally managed, exploited and optimized throughout the entire organization, not only in small and medium enterprises but also in large, multinational and multi-branch organizations. The trend of applying Big Data, AI/ML technologies in solving the data problems has been increasingly emerging in Vietnam and around the world.

In Vietnam, Big Data/AI solutions can be applied in some fields of finance sector, ​​such as: Tax management for new types of business; Assist state agencies in determining taxable value; Risk management; Public services procedure for taxpayers and state-budget related organizations; Monitoring securities transactions and preventing financial crimes in the market…

With 27 years of experience accompanying the national financial industry, FPT proposes that a high priority should be given to the application of big data technology and artificial intelligence to fully exploit the value from data. FPT has researched and developed FPT Data Platform (FPT.dPlat) solution, which provides a comprehensive ecosystem for data collection, processing, exploitation and mining based on open-source. This solution brings a diverse and feature-rich tools that helps financial institutions optimize performance, reduce costs and create a safe environment.