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Mr. Nguyen Viet Ha – Deputy Director of Financial Informatics and Statistics Department has 28 years of experience in the Finance sector.
As the Deputy Director General of the DFIS at the Ministry of Finace, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hang has been directly involved in various affair such as planning process and medium-term & annual projection regarding IT applications: Financial Analysis, Operation of the Internal Website,Administrating the Ministry’s auxiliary Web Portal in Ho Chi Minh City. With regard to external affairs and admisitrative reforms: the former include international cooperation and legislation; while the former involve IT application management, especially in digital transformation.
As a member of the assisting team for the Finance Ministry’s Digital Transformation Supervising Commitee, Mr. Nguyen Viet Ha directly participated in and organized the implementation of information technology in the Ministry of Finance’s facilities, including:

1. Directing the development of legislation and policies regarding: Operational regualtions, application of technologies from the 4IR, e-Government implementation and most recently, programs and action plan for digital transformation.
2. Directing the implementation of projects and tasks regarding information technology applications ( document administration, personnel management software, national CPI database, universal catalog, interconnected network of financial document …), the “mof.gov.vn” portal and public services at the Ministry of Finance…


Digital Transformation Plan of the Financial Sector to 2025, vision to 2030


The Ministry of Finance has been proactive since the initial phase of e-Government development, researching the products and achievements of Industry 4.0 and following the steps Government’s general roadmap for digital transformation such as (1 ) Resolution No. 02-NQ/BCSD dated March 9, 2018 on incorportaing technologies from the 4th industrial revolution into the area of Finance – Budget; (2) Decision No. 446/QD-BTC of the Minister of Finance on the enactment of the action plan to implement Resolution No. 02-NQ/BCSD; (3) Decision No. 844/QD-BTC regarding the MOF’s action plan to accomplsih a number of key assignment for developing the e-Government; (4) Decision No. 843/QD-BTC dated 12/6/2020 of the Minister of Finance on the implementation Resolution 50/NQ-CP dated 17/4/2020 ; (5) Decision No. 1874/QD-BTC dated November 27, 2020 of the Minister of Finance on the implementation Decision No. 749/QD-TTg dated June 3, 2020 of the Prime Minister on approving the National Digital Transformation Program; Decision No. 2366/QD-BTC on the approval of the general structure for the digital-based MOF, etc.
However, as the Government continues to issue more specific programs and plans for national digital transformation with 03 main focuses: digital government, digital economy, and digital society, requiring the Ministry of Finance to devise a comprehensive and forward-looking plan.
Given the current situation, digital transformation in State agencies, especially for the Finance department is paramount to fulfill the requirements of the public and businesses, however, challenges are to be expected, both to accurately implement of the Party and State’s regulations and policies on digital transformation, and to conform with social changes, as well as provide better e-Finance service for the public and businesses.